Dog Portrait
I travelled down to Portsmouth for this pet portrait. Lovely to be able to work in new parts of the countryside and with this lovely family and their dog Pheobe. Pheobe loved playing hide and seek with her owners and is full of fun and makes everyone smile and play with her! A very enjoyable way to spend a morning in the park.

Family Portrait Session
Well what a day! One minute we were enjoying sun in the bluebells and the next we were hiding from a thunder storm and torrential rain! All good fun, and some happy photos to capture the memories. If you would like a family portrait session please do not hesitate to contact me. This family really enjoyed their day saying afterward "What a memorable experience. We certainly won't forget that day in a hurry."

Front Page Press!
Its great to see my work published on the front cover this month! Also several articles by myself inside the magazine.
Wedding Jeanette and Antony
Wednesday saw my first wedding of the year, and it was a great start to the wedding season for myself. The venue was a beautiful country house in the Hampshire countryside. The sun shone and a good day was had by all. Here is a sample of just some of the photographs from the wedding.

Equestrian Reporting
I often attend equestrian events for various photographic reasons (event photographer, reporter and so on). Recently I have been reporting for one of the local magazines and it has really given me the chance to experiment in low light conditions with my new camera - which has performed outstandingly. The low light conditions of some of the indoor arenas where horse shows are held is always a challenge for photographers, as the combinations of fast shutter speeds needed for capturing the horses in action and the then much needed ISO range can be difficult to produce the images to a high quality. But thanks to updated technology I am now able produce this top quality of photographs on my digital camera without any retouching.
Reporting at shows in my area gives me a wonderful chance to get to interview the riders, meeting them, and getting to know the regulars well. Its very satisfying when I then get to see my work published in the magazines. Recently I have been attending several showing events, including a showing clinic where I was able to learn and understand the world and rules of showing a little more. Something that I have always been interested in, but now all the cleaning, pretty ponies and smart attire makes sense. The report and photographs I have produced from this clinic will be published in the magazine next month so I will keep an eye out for that one and will post it on the blog when I see it in the shops. The article should hopefully give you all some fresh understanding of the showing world also.

Here is my first published article of the year, which was from Patchetts Equestrian Centre, Showing Show.
Product Photography
Recently I have been photographing products for a gun makers shop who I have been working with to develop their website, promotional material and social media connections. It is an ongoing project that I am involved in and is proving to be very interesting, teaching me lots about shooting, as I am getting the chance to learn about a range of guns and accessories along with vintage accessories.
I have spent time initially photographing the guns and accessories as product photographs which will be displayed on their website for sale. Over the coming months I will be taking this further, where I will be doing some more creative still life photography for company which will be published on their blog. I will also display some of the photographs taken during this time on my blog here.
Below are images of two of the recent guns I have photographed, something that I find particularly beautiful about gun making is the engraving, there are so many different styles and meanings behind the engravings. Very beautiful.

Flare 2014 Winner - Video Link
In October 2014 I was lucky enough to be announced winner of the Hertfordshire Flare competition. I won the category for Best New Business 2014, for my business Olivia Berry Photography. The competition lasted several months, and during that time the judges delved in to learn more about me and my business. Flare has given me a great start to Olivia Berry Photography, and has allowed me to expand and reach goals. Which in turn allows me to offer you with a professional, bespoke business.

I have included a link here to a youtube video that was published to promote Olivia Berry Photography during the Flare competition. It should give you a quick insight into the equestrian focus of the business.

New Website Design
Welcome to my brand new website, launched on Thursday 19th February 2015! You will now notice features like the BUY NOW button in the client access area, making it easy for you to order photographs.

I have been designing the new website, to be user friendly and informative for yourselves as my viewers. I also now have the blog, which I will regularly update with news about Olivia Berry Photography, check back for beautiful photos, interesting articles and to keep up to date with what, where and whom I am photographing.

I look forward to writing again soon.